Sedation Dentistry in Whittier, CA

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From Mild to Severe, You Can Overcome Fear

Does the mere thought of visiting the dentist leave you anxiety-ridden, panicked or avoiding treatment altogether? Dental phobia is common among many patients, but can be effectively overcome with sedation dentistry options from Dr. Kayvon Javid and Dr. Nadi. Whether your fear and anxiety ranges from mild to severe, you can look forward to positive, pain-free experiences when visiting our practice – no matter how complex your dental needs.

Sedation Options for Every Patient

  • Nitrous Oxide
    • Breathing this odorless gas before and throughout your procedure erases mild to moderate anxiety for a comfortable and enjoyable visit, with no unpleasant aftereffects. Nitrous oxide is used for everything from routine cleanings to extractions.
  • Oral Sedation
    • Taking an anti-anxiety medication (often Halcion) prior to your appointment leaves you completely relaxed and unconcerned about your treatment. When undergoing oral sedation, it is best to have a companion drive you to and from your visit, as you will be very drowsy and unable to operate heavy machinery. This method is ideal for quelling moderate to severe anxiety during procedures like crowns, bridges, dental implant placement, and periodontal or oral surgeries.
  • Local Anesthetic
    • Often used in tandem with nitrous oxide and oral sedation for procedures ranging from fillings to oral surgery, local anesthetic works quickly to numb treatment sites for a painless, comfortable procedure.
  • IV Sedation
    • Our Board Certified Anesthesiologist provides IV conscious sedation for those experiencing moderate to severe dental phobias. Though you remain awake and responsive during your treatment, you likely will have no memory of your dental procedure. IV sedation is often used for services like periodontal or oral surgeries, dental implant placement or complex, multiple treatments.
  • General Anesthesia
    • When facing severe dental fear, needing extensive or complex procedures, or experiencing medical or behavioral barriers to dental care, general anesthesia from our Board Certified Anesthesiologist may be indicated. With this method, you sleep through treatment and have no recollection of your dental visit.

Anxiety-Free, Painless Visits Are Yours to Enjoy

Receiving the necessary care for a return to oral health is important for your general health and well-being, which is why our doctors ensure the ultimate in comfortable, painless dentistry. There is never a reason to be afraid of dental care when visiting our friendly, modern practice, even if you have experienced traumatic dental procedures in the past or avoided dental care for years. With Drs. Javid and Nadi’s combined 25 years of dental experience and gentle, compassionate approach to treatment, you and your family members can receive the pain-free, enjoyable dental services you seek.

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