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Experiencing Dental Fear? You Are Not Alone

If dental fear and anxiety are keeping you from visiting the dentist, rest assured you are not alone. However, you no longer have to be afraid of going to the dentist. Whether your dental phobia results from past experiences, sights, sounds or smells of dentistry, or the need for extensive treatment, cast your fears aside with relaxing sedation solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and fears. With sedation options from Dr. Kayvon Javid and Dr. Mariam Nadi, you can overcome your dental fear and actually enjoy pain-free, relaxing dental visits.

Various Levels of Sedation Offer Pain-Free, Enjoyable Visits

  • Oral Sedation
    • Used for mild to moderate dental fear and anxiety, oral sedation involves taking a medication prescribed by our doctors (typically Halcion) one hour prior to your appointment. You will feel calm, relaxed and unconcerned about your visit before, during and after your procedure. Oral sedation is ideal for procedures like gum disease treatment, fillings, crowns, extractions and longer procedures such as root canal therapy.
  • Nitrous Oxide
    • Breathing this odorless, colorless gas leaves you relaxed and even euphoric before and throughout your treatment. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” leaves no aftereffects following its use. It is commonly used to reduce mild to moderate anxiety when receiving dental cleanings, fillings and periodontal procedures, among others.
  • Local Anesthetic
    • Often used in combination with nitrous oxide and oral sedation, or even on its own, local anesthetic provides ultimate comfort during dental treatment. Our doctors use local anesthetics to numb gum tissue, teeth and bone in treatment areas for procedures such as periodontal services, fillings and crowns, root canals, extractions and dental implant placement.
  • IV Sedation
    • Administered intravenously by our Board Certified Anesthesiologist, IV conscious sedation provides a deeper level of relaxation for those with moderate to severe dental phobia. Though you remain awake and able to respond to instructions, you will have very little (if any) recollection of your dental procedure. IV sedation is often used for wisdom tooth extractions, dental implant surgeries or multiple procedures performed within the same visit.
  • General Anesthesia
    • Our Board Certified Anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia when extreme dental anxiety is present, multiple or complex treatments (such as full mouth reconstruction or dental implant surgeries) are required, or when behavior or physical limitations affect the ability to safely provide dental services. With general anesthesia, you will remain unconscious and pain-free throughout treatment.

Dental Experiences of a Lifetime

When you visit our practice, we want you to leave a happier, healthier person. Creating positive, enjoyable dental experiences is our priority, which is why we stop at nothing to ensure your safety and comfort. Drs. Javid and Nadi work with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for IV sedation and general anesthesia, and remains current on all phases of dentistry through training and professional associations such as the Academy of General Dentistry and American Dental Association. No matter your dental needs, our doctors are committed to providing painless, stress-free, positive dental experiences.

What to Expect When Choosing Sedation

Even if you have avoided the dentist for years, you can receive the routine and specialized care you need, comfortably and without any pain or anxiety. Though the level of sedation right for each person largely depends on the extent of dental phobia, many patients walk away from their dental appointments not even remembering their treatment. Learn more about your options for sedation dentistry by contacting our office and reserving your consultation with Dr. Javid or Dr. Nadi.

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