Crowns and Bridges in San Pedro, CA

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Do Not Just Restore Your Smile. Transform It.

Crowns and bridges are some of the most common dental procedures performed today. Perfecting the appearance of your smile for renewed self-confidence, these services help rebuild form and function for maximum oral health, delivering both cosmetic and restorative benefits. With beautiful crowns and bridges from the highly experienced Dr. Kayvon Javid and Dr. Mariam Nadi, your new and improved smile is only a dental visit away.

Completing Your Smile With Dental Crowns

As leaders in general dentistry and restorative solutions, Dr. Javid and Dr. Nadi bring you the most advanced technology available for rebuilding your teeth with dental crowns. Enjoy same day tooth preparation and permanent restoration with CEREC® single visit crowns, whether you have decayed, broken, worn or root canal treated teeth.

Once our doctors eliminate damaged areas and build up your tooth, we create your crown and permanently cement it right away. Return biting or chewing capabilities and beauty to your smile with CEREC® same-day crowns.

Bridging Gaps Left by Tooth Loss

Bite and chew comfortably once again after tooth loss with permanent dental bridges from our experts. Bridges esthetically replace missing teeth by spanning the space created by tooth loss. A series of crowns units fused together, a bridge is a single appliance permanently fixed to teeth adjacent to the open space. The end units (abutments) fit snugly over supporting teeth, while the center portion (pontic) replaces the missing tooth. Functional and discreet, bridges from Dr. Javid and Dr. Nadi transform your smile into a beautiful work of art.

Crowns and Bridges Meet Different Oral Needs

With artistic skill backed by 15 years of dental practice, Dr. Javid and Dr. Nadi are known for improving the lives of patients through highly refined restorative and cosmetic techniques. Transforming your smile for better health and appearance may involve crowns or bridges, both of which are used for addressing different oral needs.


As individual units, crowns rebuild tooth structure damaged by decay, cracks, stains, fractures, mechanical wear, chemical erosion, or following root canal therapy. They individually restore one or more teeth to return full oral function and esthetic appeal to the smile. Permanently cemented, crowns provide full coverage and protection for teeth and blend seamlessly with surrounding areas.


Bridges are an answer to tooth loss, replacing missing teeth through a connected series of crown units. Giving the appearance of individual teeth, bridges are actually two or more crowns fused into a single appliance relying on surrounding teeth for support. Bridge restorations give a natural look to the smile, also blending perfectly with surrounding teeth and restoring complete function for better oral health.

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