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Your Oral Health. Our Expertise.

We never want you to fear receiving treatment from our practice, even if you need wisdom teeth extractions. Wisdom teeth are an oral complication for many people, leading to pain, facial swelling and infection.

To ensure the ultimate in comfort, Dr. Kayvon Javid and Dr. Mariam Nadi work with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for sedation options and general anesthesia. Plus, there is never a reason to be referred out, as we have our very own oral surgeon right on the premises.

Why Extract Wisdom Teeth?

  • Full or partial impaction
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Impingement upon neighboring teeth
  • Malpositioning
  • Inadequate space in the mouth

Avoid Unnecessary Health Risks With Simple Extractions

Ignoring these symptoms, or failing to have extractions when recommended, may lead to additional, more complicated problems like bone damage, systemic infection, excruciating pain and loss of adjacent teeth – teeth important for proper chewing and oral function.

Do not compromise your oral health by avoiding treatment out of fear or apprehension. Painless wisdom teeth extractions with our practice alleviates your pain and discomfort, allowing you to escape these health risks.

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