Dental Implants in Newport Beach, CA

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Rebuilding Your Smile With Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or a whole arch, dental implants offer an array of permanent tooth replacement solutions ranging from individual implants to same-day full arch services. Imagine how great your life will be when you say goodbye to temporary and uncomfortable dentures or the embarrassment of smiling when missing teeth.

Invest in the future of your smile today with implants from Dr. Kayvon Javid or Dr. Mariam Nadi, and sidestep the burden of other oral problems only destined to cost you more in the future.

Give Yourself a Lasting Smile, and Better Oral Health

Your future oral health, self-confidence and smile depend on the investment you make today. Implants deliver the greatest in long-term, lifetime tooth replacement, and are unsurpassed in their abilities. Temporary answers to tooth loss require frequent replacement, impinge upon the health of remaining teeth and do nothing to maintain bone health. Because implants replace the entire tooth, both crown and root, they are the closest replica of natural teeth and do, in fact, support the health of your jaw bone.

Give yourself the chance of a lasting, gorgeous smile and the ultimate in quality living. Contact our office today and reserve your private implant consultation with Dr. Javid or Dr. Nadi.

Your Choice for Advanced Oral Health Solutions

Rebuilding your smile in the face of tooth loss requires the advanced skill and expertise of a leading implant dentist. Trust your smile and your oral health to our doctors, implant experts dedicated to advancing their knowledge and bringing you and your family the most innovative procedures available today.

Dr. Javid has completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education in implant dentistry and holds the triple elite status of Diplomate, Mastership and Fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Javid has a special passion for providing the highest quality of dental care, and is honored to be your choice for advanced oral health solutions.

How Is the Cost of Dental Implants Determined?

  • Need for extractions
  • Number of teeth to replace
  • Type of implant service
  • Preference of implant restoration
  • Preparatory treatment (bone grafting, sinus augmentation)
  • Case complexity

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