Dental Implants in Lomita, CA

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Implant Solutions Afford the Ultimate in Tooth Replacement

Without a doubt, tooth loss is one of the most devastating oral consequences to endure. From replacing single teeth with traditional implants to same-day full arch procedures, dental implant solutions help you overcome losing teeth and get back to living your life to the fullest.

Choosing to replace your missing teeth with dental implants today saves you from compounded oral health costs down the road. For more information on the health-saving, smile enhancing option of dental implants, contact our office and reserve your consultation with Dr. Kayvon Javid or Dr. Mariam Nadi.

Invest in Your Health and Your Smile

Investing in your oral health and smile with dental implants generates huge rewards both now and in the future. Dental implants are a permanent, lifetime solution to tooth loss, offering myriad benefits like maintenance of bone health, normal chewing function, an extremely esthetic, lifelike appearance and a huge boost in self-confidence.

Let Dr. Javid’s advanced training and expertise in implant dentistry combined with Dr. Nadi’s implantology certification from Hiossen’s Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Institute be the driving force behind your brand new smile and return to oral health.

How Is Implant Cost Determined?

  • Need for Extractions
  • Number of sites to replace
  • Type of implant procedure
  • Type of implant restoration
  • Level of complexity of each case
  • Need for preparatory services (sinus lift or bone grafting)

Imagine Your Life With Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly regarded as the preferred method of tooth replacement, by dental professionals and patients alike.

No other option affords the short- and long-term benefits offered by this method, as implants remain unrivaled in their ability to replicate a tooth-to-root-to-bone relationship. When you choose dental implants, you increase stock in your smile, your health and your opinion of yourself – a truly priceless reward to enjoy for years to come.

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